Design Operations and Program Management

My experience in UX design and operations at Amazon, Meta, Walmart, and Chase means I have witnessed many best practices so when I need to solve a problem for the team, I have more tools and solutions to draw on. I'm accustomed to Working at scale has trained me to onboard quickly to new organizations and projects, work quickly in intense product environments, and support all phases of design delivery, including quantitative experimentation.

I add value by

  • Facilitating tactical execution
  • Translating leadership decisions into actionable work for the team
  • Creating and documenting predictable, repeatable processes which allow teams to scale
  • Synthesizing information and clearing blockers for projects and designers
  • Coordinating collaboration between Design, Engineering, and Product teams
  • Possessing an advanced understanding of UX design execution, tools and principles


  • Master’s degree in business administration
  • PMP certification
  • 10 years project and program management experience
  • 5 years of experience in User Experience at scale
  • Expert in visual design and design software
  • 1 year computer science coursework

Selected highlights

Design systems & special projects

I have hands-on experience with every aspect of design systems from creating and publishing components, to experimentation, governance, and socialization.

Operations & processes

Experimentation & design delivery

Tracking program health & reporting