Tasked with managing team performance data, I created a new process to easily capture and record new projects and investigations, eliminating tedious manual entry that was often neglected which led to missing information. Redesigning the web interface was a related aspect of the project.
RTSSE Landing Page
Landing page with access to the metrics input portal and other frequently used items
The final landing page was simplified with only the most important pathways highlighted using icons
Final landing page on the right
Landing Page for Entering Metrics
Metrics landing page with access to the metrics input form.
Version one and final interface design
Step 1
Chart icon takes users to metrics input landing page where they make another selection based on the information that needs to be entered
Step 2
Icon takes users to metrics input form
Completing the form is the last interaction until more information needs be logged
Intranet Site Landing Page
Icons bring users from the intranet landing page to a series of pages on the RTSSE SharePoint site.
Other Site Pages
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