Design Problem
Cyber security was not being considered early enough in the dealmaking process, which created complications and added costs to deals further down the line. Security teams wanted to find ways to communicate with the mergers and acquisitions teams earlier in the process in order to understand if cyber security would be a significant consideration in the deal.

Teams were hesitant to dig in and invest time in developing a real process around this issue, so replacing the Word document questionnaire with a fillable PDF was as far as I was able to take this project. In my mind, even this small change would improve collaboration between the teams.

At the root of my desire to streamline this form was the idea that if you are asking for help, make it easy for someone to help you. If we wanted the deal teams to share information, we needed to make it easier for them. 
I was not able to do user research with the deal team, but I knew that if I received this dense, complicated form, I probably would not bother filling it out. With that in mind, I aimed to include as many features as possible that would make completing the form faster and easier. 

I added fillable fields, radio buttons, drop down menus, and jump links, and created copy for each section with clear instructions for the user as well as contact information for our group. I used company branding, typography, and color palettes to create differentiation between the sections and make the form feel official and standard.

End Result
As someone on the fringes of the project, I was not able to see how the form was received, but I hope that this simple rework was able to illustrate the impact of small changes. 
New Deal Form
A Word document is translated into a fillable PDF making the process of filling out the form much easier for both sender and receiver. 
All pages contain editable fields, radio buttons, links for fast navigation, and upon completion the form can be automatically submitted.
Request for Information Form
Similarly, this fillable PDF was created to send to prospective vendors. This was originally sent to vendors as a Word document.
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