Design Problem
This project grew out of developing the new process for entering data, and I created a series of landing pages in SharePoint in order to facilitate adoption of the new process. Even though it was of low importance, it was also an opportunity to create a visual identity for the team.
Creating an interface that not everyone used, understood or felt was necessary presented communication challenges throughout the process that had to be resolved. One of the challenges in doing design in an organization without a robust design practice is communicating the value to stakeholders and getting their collaboration and buy-in. This was one of the most interesting and challenging aspects of this project.
To build the site pages, I designed the user flow, created all the graphics, composed the copy, and created documentation. I ended up experimenting with the best user flow and layout in real-time in SharePoint without working through a formal wire framing process. While my team was my “client” so to speak, I was creating something they had not even imagined so it was different than a traditional, contractual relationship or formal product design process. Without constraints and with my background in design and fluency in software, I created lots of mockups and iterations in the application, tested them myself, and made adjustments.
End Result
A series of pages was successfully created to guide users through entering data.
New Home Page
Icons on the landing page direct users to frequently used items including the area to input new metrics.
After testing, the final landing page was further simplified to feature the most important pathways. The final landing page is on the right.
Metrics Input Landing Page
One click takes users from the home page to the metrics landing page where they can input new data.
Version one is on the left, and the final interface design is on the right.
Entering Metrics
Graph icon takes users from the homepage to the metrics input landing page where they make another selection based on the information to be entered.
Inputting data
Different icons take users to specific forms to input corresponding metrics.
Final Result
Metrics now appear in online database. Completing the form takes less than a minute and is the extent of the interaction by the primary user.
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