Maren Munoz is an MBA candidate at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and
a Corporate and Information Security Services intern at Exelon Corporation in Baltimore, Md.

I am from Boulder, Colo., but I have lived in Boston, London, New York City, and Madison, Wis. I began my career intending to be an art professor, so until several years ago my experience centered around fine art and teaching.
I am combining a degree in business with a background in art and design. Not only am I creative, I am a masterful project manager, and I live for improving processes. I have a proven ability to thrive in many different environments, and I gain the trust and loyalty of those around me by being genuine, present, and responsive. My extensive customer service background fuels my passion for creating processes that work for people.
I am looking for a role that encompasses both management and design.
"If you want to win anything–a race, yourself, your life–you have to go a little berserk" 
George Sheehan
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