About Me

Years in project management, customer service, and art and design have shaped me into an exceptional problem solver, and I have a proven ability to thrive anywhere. The ability to take action, think creatively, iterate, and execute are my strengths, and leadership is my passion. Not hungry, but starving and looking for a way to bring my expertise in leadership, management, and design together in one role.


My whole life is one big A/B test. I’m not afraid of change and am always making adjustments. My super powers are discipline and consistency. When it comes to this, I can outwork anyone. I just recently learned about the platinum rule—treat others the way they want to be treated—but I have been practicing this for years. Empathy is one of my greatest skills! I’m not just trained to do one thing, I'm trained to do everything, and if I don’t know how to do it, I will learn.